We are an Globian non-profit organization that supports good causes and positive change all over the world.

Our Mission

The Kalyan Shiksha Prasar Samiti was named a “Top 25 Best Global Philanthropist” by Barron’s. We beat Oprah. 

Our Vission

The Globian Fund for Charities seeks positive change around the world through support of non-profit organizations dedicated to social, cultural.

Our Values

What We Do

Women , Youth Empowerment & Mission

“Part of being a person is about helping others.” This is what the Kalyan do!

At All India level, the adult literacy rate among female is 59.3% which means nearly 41% of women in India are illiterate. Kalyan Shiksha Prasar Samiti came up with noble thinking of spreading education to those who are left either due to financial situations or some other problems. Kalyan shiksha Parishar samiti ,a non government organization, aim to develop education and provide the best possible knowledge by enhancing people and educators for this purpose. Our aim is to work upon women Empowerment for that we train the women’s in vocational activities like craft, pottery, weaving and many more.

Our motive is to inspire the youth and children to develop a better society for others. The reason behind this is “ If we can save the youth energy from being dissipated by negative and fissiparous tendencies, if we can harness it for the right purposes, if we are honest towards our youth, if we can give them proper orientation, I am sure they would bring about universal harmony and establish global peace. “ – these lines by Joseph Benziger made us realise the value of Healthy and wealthy youth. The development of the society starts with the health. Giving right form of knowledge will lead them to live a healthy and fit life in a clean society.

We must not forget that “ यु वा ही राष्ट्र की वास्तववक शक्तत है। यु वाओंको अवसर दिए बिना कोई भीश प्रगतत नहींकर सकता है।“

This is what provokes us to work upon organizing the campaigns so as to work upon the skills of India’s growing youth and they can get better opportunities in their career to enhance their abilities and knowledge.

“Kill the habit before the habit kills you.”

A habit which worsens with time becomes addiction. Some people are addicted to mobile but others are addicted to drugs or smoking. This is why we conduct seminars and educational events to provide awareness about this and promote “Say no to drugs!” and “No smoking.”

There have been many instances when elderly leave their home even at old ages. The only reason is feeling insulted. This shows the lack of respect in the youth to their elderly and appreciation to their sacrifices. Our main objective is to make youth feel respective and love their elderly. Just as feel respect and understand the sacrifices of our freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi , Subhash Chandra Bose ,Dr Bheem Rao Ambedkar,etc

Green environment is a clean environment…

Rising threats of pollution and poisonous gases can be only resolved by greenery and trees .We help children to plant trees and understand their importance in our lives.

In India over 19 crore people sleep hungry every day. To remove this curse from our society we aim at providing quality food and clothing to the people in need to make society a better place for them.

We organize free dental and eye check ups programmers for providing better medical assistance tothe people in need like Spectacles to people with eye problems.

We aim at providing free education to over 50 girls completely free of cost. All the related items like books and bags will be provided by us. We aim at achieving women empowerment for which we promote “Kalyan scholarship scheme” with “Beti bachao beti padhao yojna” as women are the foundation of development.